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Hong Kong Elite Food Photographer – at reasonable rates

I just did some press shots for Ukiyo, a new Japanese concept located here in Hong Kong in Causeway Bay. The innovative yet simple dishes were very easy to photograph and light. The ambience of the restaurant full of surprises. A perfect getaway for those wanting quality produce at reasonable prices.

Here at Love True Light, we capture images for your dining concept at reasonable rates. We include services like food photography, food styling, kitchen and photo studio rental. We are not so bothered on money, but more do this for the love of food and creativity. So give us a try and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.


Food Stylist Hong Kong

Here at Love True Light we work with extensive food stylists to give you the best images for your food and beverage outlet or publication. We also offer a kitchen studio in the heart of West Kowloon where clients can come and film, cook and do recipe testing. These are included in our flat rates. All in all, we offer the following; kitchen studio rental, food styling, food photography, prop sourcing and more. Feel free to contact us on whats’app 95040288 or email me direct on lakshmiharilela@me.com

Meet Gather N Graze

Hong Kong has been through concepts of private dining, food parties, secret venues for foodies, but never a concept such as Gather n Graze. The ladies come and set up at whatever venue you have and take it to the next level. They style the food so beautifully that trying to eat it would be hard to do so, however, the concept is beauty, elegance and foodie heaven.

Love True Light focuses on capturing the best images regarding food photography. Our extensive knowledge and experience can help you get those images at a budget for your unique brand. Contact us for more details.

Food Styling

What is food styling? It it styling food in a way that conveys it to the general public. It means taking an idea of food and making it your own, with a tad of creativity and inspiration. I feel in Hong Kong most food stylist don’t have the ‘balls’ to make food SEXY! Food is SEXY, food is real, food invoked so must passion in me, that’s why I have decided to become a food photographer. I always tell people that I prefer to photograph food instead of people… hahahahahaha, funny as that sounds, food doesn’t complain!!


Food Styling and Recipe Testing

We are coming to a closing part of finishing shooting for a wonderful book that is coming out and being published in the UK. We needed some original photography that wasn’t;t stock to complete the book, and Kristy came over today and we shot a few within an hour. Original footage is always better than stock.

To get amazing shots, we’ve had to shoot various times and processes of images. I love my job, and as a food photographer and stylist, there really needs to be different ways to priory images that fit a certain theme for a book project.

Recent Food Blog

We have another opportunity to have creative control on our simple food styling for a new book coming soon. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on getting the perfect images for food blogs.

Melange of Food for Styling

Food styling is an art, but it also requires that you understand your clients specific needs pertaining to marketing.

Here are a few images that were done for various clients throughout all of last year. You’ll see that they are very different in styles and lighting techniques.

Beverages in the Raw

Shooting beverages within the whole food photography realm is challenging. Firstly, reflections and colour are definitely a consideration, especially if the client has a very particular brief that is stated. This means that it is very important to have an idea of the image that you want to get before you take it, as reflections and modifications in post production may pose a bit of a problem. 

Eggplant three ways

Ok, so we were just doing a photoshoot with eggplant three ways. Here features is a baked Chinese eggplant with goats cheese, walnuts, spring onions and chilis flakes. Next we have a Chinese stir fried eggplant with chilis oil and garlic. Lastly, we have Italian roasted eggplant with basil and tomatoes.


For a long time I have found out that a picture speaks a thousand or even more words.Being a foodie, chef and photographer, food images speak for themselves. They are at the core of all marketing related activity in a food and beverage outlet. This is why proper styling is a must when choosing a food photographer. Usually, we get the images done with perfect styling to match your specific brand, and we get it done fast.

Contact Love True Light for amazing food photography and styling.


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