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Tell me what you think is beautiful and I will tell you NO NO NO.

Beauty comes in many different forms, it is a god damn shame that people think skinny sticks are better than plump perfections.

I think that flaws make us more beautiful and amazing, that being said, it is all about the energy that is within, and that energy can radiate outwards. I am a lucky photographer, I had the opportunity to photograph this model in a secret location in Hong Kong known as the Dragon Gardens. This work got published and I was ‘chuffed’.

Back to the topic on beauty, it really is how we perceive it, on many levels. Being from Hong Kong, there are too many superficial people here, and their idea of beauty is flawless skin and hair, well let me tell you something….NO NO NO! I am lucky that I can see beyond that, I can see within.


Let the light shine.


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