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Hi Folks,

I stumbled across an article that showed some super models not airbrushed, and guess what? They look like normal people. Seriously, it is the mass airbrushing and photoshop techniques that make them look skinnier than they really are. The hair and makeup were done beautifully and the photographic lighting really did make a difference in the way they stood out. What’s my point? Well, to be honest, beauty comes from the inside and permeates to the external, so in reality when a photographer is shooting you, remember that he/she engages with that part of you deep within. So when posing for a photograph, make sure to smile from within. Use your eyes, they go a long way, trust me. Super models are also hired for their skill in catching the light, knowing their angles and so forth. So if you think you are not photogenic, think again. This can all be learnt.

I have been shooting for sometime now, and every time I shoot someone or something new, I always find that the true essence of beauty is not what they are wearing or how well their makeup is. It is all about the energy from within, and once the photographer can tap into that, anything can be made beautiful from the perspective in which it is viewed. Now you will have skeptics, (those materialistic people) that will say something like this, “fashion is everything, name brands are everything and to look good one must be skinny.” Well this is what I would reply ¬†back “SHUT UP DUMB ASS!, om om om shanti…”

In my honest opinion, ‘Fashion’ is what we wear on the outside, it changes constantly, just like our bodies, they change constantly. What remains the same is the inner beauty and essence. So if fashion is so damn important, why does it fleet so often? Why is it constantly changing from this to that? If you want true beauty and true happiness, tap into that part within you, and it will express itself in the best way possible.

This is Lakshmi, signing out for now, let the light shine!



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