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Real True Strength equals TRUE SELF!

We’ve all heard about it, yet try to find it outside of ourselves. Perhaps we are looking in the wrong places. When we delve into the depths of ourselves, there is a mysterious quality that we find. There is a universe sitting and waiting to be discovered. A strength unlike any other that emerges from within us at the last possible moment. It is usually right before we give up, or have had enough, that this superpower emerges from within our true selves.

When taking a picture of someone, evoking their true nature is important. This is because what we usually show the world is not out TRUE SELVES, but rather, a projection on how we like to be shown to other people. When we let go of any judgement and accept ourselves the way we are, the true, real image stands out like no other. This is what true photography is about. It is not about looking perfect, but more about rejoicing on our imperfections that are unique and absolutely beautiful.

The problem I have with modern photographers is that they are TOO DAMN CYNICAL.  They like to focus on themselves and getting a perfect shot (whatever that means)! The perfect shot to some of these modern photographers is far too commercial and to be honest, BORING!

I was shooting fashion for a while and found out that it is all about the human connection and energy between people that makes a difference in the image gained. Why do things have to be symmetrical? Why does the model have to be flawless??? What does flawless even mean??  To me, I think unique features are beautiful. Unfortunately we live in a time where skinny and flawless (what does that even mean again?) are viewed as perfect. BUT, all I have to say to that is F@#$ OFF!!! My view is that freckles and gapsbetween teeth and all sorts of unique things are absolutely beautiful. Why should a larger women be made to feel bad about her body. If she is healthy and fit and happy, why should society make her feel less than perfect. This is a major problem that I have had for a long long time about the superficial people we live amongst.

In fact, these so called beautiful people that society are talking about don;t really exist. They are fake. Yes, you heard me, FAKE FAKE FAKE. The amount of retouching that I have done on models and people has been insurmountable, and that’s why I just could’t do it anymore. I LIKE REALITY PEOPLE!!!

True beauty comes from within. When these so-called beautiful people start to age (which is also a beautiful part of life by the way) they will realize that they have wasted a large majority of their time on something that isn’t permeant.

Love True Light sees the TRUE LIGHT, and captures that perfect image of your true self.

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