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At a first glance it looks like South India, Kerela to be presice, actually this is Africa… “waka waka eh ooo”

Travel is so important, it gets you away from mundane activities. When you get out of your usual routine and travel the world, you may just be enlightened or inspired to create new things. I know I was. I managed to¬†travel to West Africa to visit my grandad. He lives in Ghana, this is a picture that I took of Labadi beach. How beautiful!!! The tones and natural colours of the landscape just shows me that being cramped up in Hong Kong, buildings all around, isn’t really my idea of ‘bliss’. Nature is bliss, and I shall vow to always, any chance I get, travel to exotic destinations to re-ignite my light and passion.

Never lose your passion, even though it may seem like sometimes you have a creative block, get out there and learn a new skill. Always keep learning, and allow yourself to create for joy and happiness, not for solely earning a living.