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Layering Coffee

As a food stylist here in Hong Kong I find it very funny how photographers have no knowledge of basic food styling. As both a Chef and Photographer I have the unique ability to detect what is needed in a shoot. Sometimes it is about being fully prepared with prods and ingredients, at other times you really need to work with products and environments that you are granted.

So this blog post will talk about coffee layering. I was recently asked by a few very corporate companies to style the layering of coffee’ as most people are not confident in doing so. Building coffee is actually easier then you think. I like to use oil spray on beans to showcase their unique aromatic oils. Also, I have a steamer on hand in the event that photographer need to show steam in the image.

When shooting solely, I add the steam in post production, (hey I know this is cheating, but it really good for keeping both hands onto the camera)!

Another prop I use is a Blendtec to foam and froth the milk. Usually skim milk froths way more than whole milk, so I use these for pictures (even though the taste is impaired)Another prop I use is expresso powder, to achieve that unique creaminess and texture to the top layer of the freshly brewed coffee.

Whether you are looking for food photography or food styling, I am open to all. Please contact Love True Light for a quote. we work within your budget to get you the images you need.

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