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We have travelled throughout MADAGASCAR; through rain forests to desserts and beaches. The country is poor, yet there is a spirit about it which is full of richness and is waiting to be discovered. No matter how poor the population, there is an abundance of love and respect.

We arrived May15th in  Antananarivo (Tana), the main city. Then ventured to  Antisarabe, where we found transport known as pus pus’s. These are rickshaws where people are able to hop on and off. Transport so to speak.

We went to Ramofana National Park, where the landscapes were absolutely breathtaking and unimaginable. A sacred energy permetaes the entire country. We saw numerous distinctive lemurs everywhere, as you’ll see, they are gentle creators with a great appetite for bamboo and other berries and fruits that grow in the rain forests.

The nest stop was the Isalo National Park in Ramofana, this park just depicted nature in all its glory. After Ramofana, we went to Ifaty, and ended our journey in a beach town, where the locals taught us all there is to know about the food, the freedom and the fun.

As our group travelled throughout the land, there was an unimaginable relief and freeness that came across us. The idea to ‘let go and let god’ had been the theme of this trip, and throughout it all I am very happy to say that I’ve shed another layer of unnecessary ignorance. So I am one step closer to my goal which is peace within.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, yet memories are worth a heck of a lot more.



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