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Hong Kong Food Stylist

Here at Love True Light, we have just finished completing food photography and styling of two separate books that will be launched close to the end of the year.

ThHong Kong Food Photography

Food Photography within Hong Kong

There are different calibre’s of Photographer. There is the photographer who photographs anything and everything for a low rate, and then there are specialist photographers whom have extensive experience with a subject matter. Deepening on whichever photographer you’d prefer to work with, just know that experience with a specific subject matter is always the best way to go, as the images will really reflect the truth in your brand.

I am grateful to have had extensive knowledge with food and beverage, I have worked as a chef for several years now and having knowledge of food on camera really helps maintain excellent quality imagery. That being said, wonderful styled imagery does;t always come easy, and this is where having knowledge of lighting can benefit food.  hong-kong-food-photographer hong-kong-food-photography

Hong Kong’s Food Photographer Plays Safe?

Hong Kong’s Lakshmi Harilela a holistic chef and consultant has made food look impeccable for magazines, restaurants and hotels. “playing safe in food photography doesn’t quite fit the bill these days… clients want more edgy photos, which require a thorough illumination of the set and styling of the images.” More and more photographers are finding that playing safe, just doesn’t cut it.

Food Photographer and Stylist

Momojein, an awesome Korean Restaurant Concept featuring novo cuisine with excellent fair and fantastic staff, located on Queen’s Rd Central. Head Chef and Photographer conducted the best food styling and photographs in Hong Kong. The new dishes speak to Hong Kong’s finest.

Food Photographer Hong Kong

Hong Kong Food stylist Hong Kong food photographer Dripping chocolateStyling and food photography should go hand in hand. My clients always seem to think there needs to be a whole lot of fuss and large production, but that need not be true. Here at Love True Light, we capture bespoke images that truly reflect your food photography and styling needs. We match the images to your brand, as a timeless painting.

We take this trade very seriously, and stay within your budget. We do it for the love of it. The whole process is organic and done with you in mind. Feel free to what’sapp me (+852 95040288) for a free test shoot, to see if we have what you are looking for.



Recent Food Photoshoot

Love True Food has been conjuring up food cooking videos and here are some of the pictures from our latest food photography and styled photoshoot here in Hong Kong. Enjoy. We are proud to be part of the food styling and food photography team here at Love True Food.

Awesome Superfood shoot


My Cousin runs a beautiful bed and breakfast in the Alentajo, where many wonderful things happen. They provide accommodation, yoga, cooking classes, awesome food and perfect landscapes. In fact, this is an area where the produce is Organic and beaming with lots of vitality.

Have a look at some of the beautiful food images from the time I spent there. A must go.

Email: marinheiras@gmail.com for more details.

Aqua Food Photos

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